Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Return of the Song of the Canyon Kid

I don't think The Canyon Kid has gotten a fair shot.

Oh, not on stage. That's where he's found his greatest success what with SONG OF THE LONE PRAIRIE appearing across the US of A on stages in California, Wyoming and this summer in Texas at the Brazos Theatre Group in Waco and Theatre Suburbia in Houston.
No, I'm talking about the book SONG OF THE CANYON KID, the novelization I wrote based on the play SONG OF...oh, you know. Therefore, I am relaunching this here western comedy romance o' mine that was originally released back in 2014. I like it. In fact, I am in love with it. If  I wasn't already married, I would make it my wife. Then my exes can get together and sigh a big sigh of relief that they were able to make a clean getaway from the freak that had a sordid affair a book. But that's neither here nor there or anywhere for that matter.
I'm coming up so you better get this party started

To start this rebooting (or recowboybooting, rather) of my Canyon Kid tome, I am making a personal appearance, my first in five years) at the Beaverton City Library's NW Local Author Fair on Saturday, May 21 in Beaverton, Oregon. Of course I won't be the only author in attendance, but I will have ten whole minutes to say a few words, read a passage from SONG OF THE CANYON KID and maybe have enough time to take suggestions from the audience such as "GET OFF THE STAGE!"

So come join me, won't you? I'll be selling copies of SONG OF THE CANYON KID and my true travel tale PLEASE HOLD THUMBS at the table they are providing for me. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your enemies. (That would show 'em.)

Come see the one and only me on the first leg of my farewell tour!


Those unable to attend this gala can obtain SONG OF THE CANYON KID in paperback at SCOTT CHERNEY'S STOREFRONT  (20% below AMAZON) and on e-book at AMAZON, NOOK, I-TUNES and KOBO.

And for more information about SONG OF THE CANYON KID and to read a free excerpt (or any other of my fine tomes, plays and whatnot), go to my website WRITTEN BY SCOTT CHERNEY

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