Thursday, November 06, 2014

Fish Story

After watching her boyfriend's stand-up act, Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) tells Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) how much she enjoyed his set, then added:

"I think I'm starting to get more of the references too."

 So stop me if you've heard this one...

What did the blind man say when he passed the fish market?

Good morning ladies.

Yeah. You've heard it before. 

But back in the 90s in my hometown of Stockton, California, I was driving down Wilson Way, a thoroughfare on the east side of town that was absolutely notorious for streetwalkers, prostitutes, hookers, hos or whatever you'd to call them. One summer's day, I found myself on that strip when I came across this sign and damn near stood in the middle of the block to applaud the grand gesture of this editorial.

The fish monger probably had enough of his deteriorating neighborhood and needed to express his frustration somehow. He used the form of communication at his disposal. The sign outside his shop, normally reserved for specials or the catch of the day, carried his message to the world, couched in the punchline of a crude joke.

To me, that statement read loud and clear. And obviously, I got the reference.

That's important in life, getting the references. Sometimes, it can make you feel that you're not alone in the world and that your voice is not only being heard but understood..

And it helps if you get the joke. There are few things more frustrating than the question:

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