Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Over the Hillary

NBC announced it will broadcast a two part min-series about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sounds like a real ratings grabber. Maybe they should have THE VOICE as a lead-in. Just because it's Hollywood, there is another Hillary film set for theatrical release in 2016 because nobody does redundancy better than Hollywood.. Where does this leave the biopic of Madeline Albright with Danny DeVito in the title role or CRY ME A RIVER: THE JOHN BOEHNER STORY?

This news gives conservatives another reason to hate those dreaded Hollywood liberals. Ya can't really blame them too much. This ploy is pretty damn blatant, especially when you consider that HRC will undoubtedly make another run for the top office again. Nothing like an early endorsement (or coronation) to stoke the fires of hatred. (Hilly may be the candidate, but she ain't gonna make it to the office of POTUS, not after eight years of Barry. I'm calling it right now)

I am sure that HILLARY STREET BLUES or whatever they're going to call it is going be such a sanitized, saintly version of this potentially rich story, leaving all out most of the juicy parts (AKA compelling drama) in favor of platitudes for Ms. R-C.

Playing the former First Lady/Secretary of State is Diane Lane who will turn in a very competent, reverent performance given what she will have to work with. But who's going yo play Bubba? Not Kelsey Grammar, that's for sure. In today's Hollywood, liberals can play conservatives but not vice-versa which is why Lane is playing Hill instead of Patricia Heaton.

In the potentially hoot worthy epic of mass destruction known as THE BUTLER, the cast is probably the casting political boondoggle of the 21st century.. The best has to be John Cusack as Nixon, though Robin Williams as Eisenhower is a close second. The absolute worst offense is Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan. This is going to kill ol' Nan just so that she spin endlessly in her grave. This ain't right, but it sure is left.

But back to Bill. Who could possibly do President Clinton justice in this mini series? To my mind, there's only one person possible: Oscar nominee and NBC perennial...

Gary Busey.

Give that man a cigar.
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