Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Just Sayin'

If you write  I'm just sayin', it's more than just wrong. It's a lie.

I'm taking Flonase. It's like a condiment for my nose. I may try it on a salad.

Speaking of food, the Bacon Renaissance is officially with Burger King's announcement of their upcoming Bacon Sundae promotion. And Michelle Obama's head just exploded.

Thank you, Matthew Weiner, for another sensational season of MAD MEN. The closing scene in this year's finale with "You Only Live Twice" playing throughout...absolute genius.

With MAD MEN, THE KILLING, GAME OF THRONES, GIRLS and VEEP wrapping up for the year, BREAKING BAD and LOUIE can't start soon enough.

Yes, I like GIRLS. I mean Lena Dunham's HBO series. I like girls too. Well, I like women. And girls. I like boys too. Oops. That's a potential Polanski/Sandusky mash-up. Poldusky?

Disappointed in Nicholas Winding Refn's DRIVE, mostly because of Ryan Gosling. His dopey grin and neo-Method styling was a cross between his character in LARS AND THE REAL GIRL and Sonny from I, ROBOT.

A much better film and lead performance is Jeff Nichols' paranoid masterwork TAKE SHELTER starring Michael Shannon.

Are people in general talking faster or am I just listening slower?

Best books of 2012 thus far, both non-fiction: Susan Orlean's biography of the iconic animal movie star RIN-TIN-TIN and Will Hermes' brilliant account of music in 1970s New York LOVE COMES TO BUILDINGS ON FIRE (despite the late addition of the dreaded At the end of the day...)

I hope I die before I get old is no longer an option.

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