Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Odsen Enz

Is there anything more annoying than the nasaly whine of a Kardashian? Holy Underwear, they all sound that way...Kim, Courtney, Cloverfield...each one indistinguishable from the other. It's like someone drilling into my soul by way of my ear canal. It's such a shame they can't be a force for good.
Maybe they license their voices for smoke alarms. Their squawks would clear a building safely and save lives. Better yet, their name alone should be forever synonymous with an excruciating, irritating screech. "The neighbor's cat's in heat again. Kept me all night. Goddamn, that's kardashian!"
Aside to Kris Humphries: In the words of Lenny Bruce, "You betta off!"

These sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain sure seem to be increasing. My, isn't the timing impeccable. I haven't seen this much muck being raked so early on since 1992 and we all know how that turned out, don't we?

There's no segue for this so I'm just going to plow ahead:

The new paperback version of my movie memoir, IN THE DARK: A LIFE AND TIMES IN A MOVIE THEATER (SPECIAL EDITION) is now on sale at my page on Lulu.com:

(What makes it special? Sea salt.)
I've also got a new page on Facebook:

Written by Scott Cherney
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The Facebook page is the same name as my website found at http://www.scottcherney.com/ . Yes, I am an original muh-fuh, that's for sure. The latter has some new content including an unpublished short story entitled THE FUTURE MRS. WILEY, a wry love story told in the manner of Damon Runyon by way of Larry Flynt. Just in time for the holidays.

Enough with the plugs already. Nothing, I mean NOTHING was any better this year than the fourth season of BREAKING BAD, so good than just about everything pales in comparison and what has followed just isn't measuring up. THE WALKING DEAD's follow-up season has been deathly slow, as if wading in on its accolades from last year. It's just not good enough to coast like this and hasn't delivered on the promise of its excellent pilot episode. The characters are too one-note and the pacing slower than snot on a winter's day. BOARDWALK EMPIRE has at least capitalized on its success with more gripping gangster history from the Roaring Twenties. Then there's AMERICAN HORROR STORY on FX, a wonderfully twisted and downright scary series that fills the gap THE WALKING DEAD is vacating. Ryan Murphy has rebooted the ghost story for a new era, recalling his sensational NIP/TUCK and washing the glucose ridden GLEE out of my sub-conscious. And I am officially nominating Jessica Lange for an early Best Supporting Actress Emmy. What a nasty-ass villainess! Talk about a career revival.

FX's series specialize in these superbly dark turns by forgotten or over looked actors: Margo Martindale in JUSTIFIED, Ted Danson in DAMAGES, Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in SONS OF ANARCHY.

Until next time, Carp Diem! (Seize the Fish?)
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