Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Totally Worthwhile

In the year since RED ASPHALT was published has been filled with both highs and lows, not unlike a makeshift roller coaster in a Kiddeeland amusement park.

I've had a couple of interviews (most recently-BACKSTAGE PASS on Blogtalk Radio). There have been some very decent reviews, including one just last week on The Self Publishing Review, which can be found at:


I've had a lot of excellent feedback on my book, even from a few "celebs". While this hasn't generated a flock of sales or even a a Flock of Seagulls, it has given both my work and me what my friend D.W.Landingham would refer to as "exposure". (Yes, the quotation marks are intentional and appropriate)

Now while I would love nothing better than to have a best-seller and a movie sale (hope reigns eternal in this young man's breast), I can really think of no better reward than the picture I've posted above.

That's my grandson Sebastian holding up a copy of his grandpa's book which he and his dad Matt found on the library shelf in Hillsboro, Oregon. To me, it's the proverbial picture worth a thousand words. My best buddy holding up my book in a library: Priceless.

When you least expect it, life sometimes has ways to remind you of just where stand in the world. When I saw this, I knew immediately where I fit in at this moment in time. It turns out to be a very good place indeed.
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