Monday, May 04, 2009

Blogtalk Radio-Live!

You can't keep a good man down...or me either for that matter.

This Saturday-May 9,2009- at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time, I will be the one and only guest on BACKSTAGE PASSwith my friend Tom Amo, airing on Blogtalk Radio. This is indeed an internet radio show, so if y'all just follow this here link:

To hear it live, you'll have to register at the site (for free)

The call in number for the show is:
(347) 884-884-8983

While this will air live Saturday, it will be archived on this site and available for podcast.
So what in the name of Conrad Bain am I going to talk about?

Well, for starters, how about RED ASPHALT? I've still got plenty to say on that subject, especially since it involves not only the subject of road rage, but also writing, creativity, love, fantasy, reality and even mortality itself.

I'm also going to plug SONG OF THE LONE PRAIRIE, the best melodrama I ever wrote that I just recently published. This will also give me an excuse to discuss about the late, great Pollardville with Tom, a magical, mystical place where we both met many moons ago. (That sounds a wee bit like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, doesn't it? IT'S NOT!)

Then I'll pimp IN THE DARK: A LIFE AND TIMES IN A MOVIE THEATER so that I can talk about movies, TV and everything else I blather on about in this here blog o' mine.

In other words, y'all will get to hear me ramble on like a methahead on Red Bull about this, that and the other thing.
If that's your idea of a good time, listen to Tom and myself Saturday May 9 at High Noon (PST) on Backstage Pass at:
You may not be glad you did, but I will. And that's what counts.

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