Monday, November 17, 2008

Turkey Stuff 'n Nonsense

The Neverending Story also known as Election '08 finally came to a satisfying end. At least I feel like we
have a chance, whether it be slim or fat but at least it's better than no chance at all. (I love to quote myself)
Congratulations to Barack Obama, the new President of the United States. It's so refreshing that in this stressful time that grows worse every day, I can honestly say that I feel a glimmer of pride again. I hope it lasts.

What did we learn about this election?

Well, it's bad to be racist...which it is.

It's bad to be sexist....which it is.

But it's okay to be ageist...which, apparently, it is

Yup. It sure was funny to make fun of Ol' Man McCain, wasn't it? We all laughed. Hey, I'm guilty of it too, at least when it was funny like Chris Rock saying that if John McCain died of natural causes, it's all natural causes.

"If John McCain gets hit by a car, it's natural causes. If he was younger, he'd get out of the damn way."

But the rest of you...honestly, folks...were Depends jokes all you had?

Regarding Sarah Palin....if you don't start ignoring her, she won't go away. Period.

The economy's in the dumper and I have no sage words of advice for anyone. I'm not only in shit creek myself, I'm not even in the boat. I'm just hanging on to the side and praying we don't hit any rapids.

I do have a possible solution for the Big Three automakers (something besides go fuck themselves...or each other for that matter) How about if General Motors, Chrysler and Ford all merge? They can be known as General Chryslord (take that, George Lucas! "General Chryslord, destroy the planet Endor!")) Then they can just refer to themselves as The Big One. If they fail, well, they can bite it, can't they?

Let's get on to something I do know about... movies.

Soon, we be inundated with more vampires than you can shake a stick at when the teenage Gothic romance TWILIGHT opens. Already, HBO's fair to middling TRUE BLOOD has been taken a collective bite out of the audience. Now Stephanie Meyer's creation is set to set a soccer mom movie attendance record, probably more than SEX AND THE CITY. Don't forget the little teeny-boppers and tweeners that drooled over the poster when they attended HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. I hope it does well, at least for the sake of the Oregon Film Bureau since it was primarily filmed here and in Washington. It still doesn't make me want to see it. as far as I'm concerned, TWILIGHT looks like like every other TV show on The CW.

Want something in another class altogether? LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, the first Swedish vampire film I've not only ever but also the first I've ever heard of, is a wonderful take on the genre, much as Katheryn Bigelow's NEAR DARK had been in the eighties. Wonderfully moody directed by Tomas Alfredson, Let the right one in tells the tale of 12 year old (in appearance) vampire's budding romance with a troubled, bullied youth. Best of all is the incredible performance of Lina Leandersson as Eli, the littlest bloodsucker. She is absolutely hauntingly brilliant.

This film is well worth seeking out. Let TWILIGHT take care of itself. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is special.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.
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