Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer Bloggin' Numero Dos

You know, there’s something so gratifying about taking a leak in a major department store and hearing a song by someone you actually know coming through the speakers. Such was the case today when I took a comfort break at the Nordstrom can and listened to my friend, Grant Lee Phillips singing TRULY, TRULY. It reminded me of our days back at the Palace Showboat Theater when he and another performer would sing Rush songs in the men’s room, just because the acoustics were so good.

Continuing on with my Summer '06 Endreport.
(Yeah, as if this stuff is so damn important that it has to be serialized…)

Wrapping up the movies section, I ventured out a few times to view the aforementioned and chastised SUPERMAN RETURNS: THE QUEST FOR FRANCHISE CPR and A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, which I covered in an earlier piece (look it up yourself. What am I-your mom?)
I also caught the following:
ARMY OF SHADOWS: I am a sucker for French crime dramas and while this doesn’t fall into that genre, it was directed by a master of the game, Jean Pierre Melville (LE SAMOURAI) which is why I jumped at the chance to view it. This is an ultra-cool as all get out look at the French Resistance in WWII, a 1969 film that had finally made it to the American shore this year. While about twenty minutes too long, ARMY was a fresh approach at a subject that seemed milked dry.
CLERKS 2: Kevin Smith is a very funny man. Rosario Dawson is a very hot woman. 'Nuff said.

However….my favorite films of the season were DVD rentals.
WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP is the best documentary I’ve ever seen. Writer/director James Marsh’s film version of Michael Lesy’s book concerns the horrific and bizarre events that occurred in a small Wisconsin community during the late 19th century. The recreation of this farming community going absolutely bug fuck is just astounding. A hauntingly beautiful piece of work.
and, because I’m a new fan of Korean cinema…
3-IRON-A great twist on a love story when a drifter who breaks into homes not to steal but to merely spend the night, discovers one that is occupied by an abused wife and the two fall for each other without speaking a single word to one another.
TV this summer had several riches to enjoy as well.
RESCUE ME ended another sensational season, one that both made me laugh heartily as well as bawl my eyes out toward the end.
DEADWOOD came to an unfortunate close with a season that matched its first and sometimes surpassed in its intensity. Special tribute must be paid to the jaw dropping performance of Gerald McRaney, the most incredible villain turn of the decade. Who knew Major Dad was such a goddamn good actor?
the summer belongs to one star, hopefully rising to the heavens but one who has earned my respect and admiration for being a class act all the way. I watched the dumbass AMERICAN IDOL rip known as ROCKSTAR:SUPERNOVA where a supposed “supergroup” of has-beens and who-the-fuck-is-this-guy auditioned potential lead singers for their band. (Just who is Gilby Clark anyway and why does he look like Travis Tritt on heroin?) From Portland, Oregon came the Amazonian goddess Storm Large who heads up the local band Storm and the Balls (click on the title of this blog to link to her site). While she didn’t make the band (a blessing, considering these guys are going nowhere after their national tour following the show), Storm did make it down to the final five and was able to showcase her enormous talent for a national audience. Her rendition of Dramarama’s ANYTHING, ANYTHING sent chills up and down my spine that still resonates down to my soul to this day. I regret that I have not seen her perform live, but I vow to rectify that error in my judgment as soon as possible. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from this extraordinary lady this summer is that I feel like I am now an Oregonian because she made me feel proud to be living in the same air space she occupies.

Storm, I love you, baby…especially when you’re LADYLIKE.
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