Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Rumors about our dear President Bungle’s love life have flying fast and furiously lately.
One of them involves his alleged affair with the Secretary of State.
Hmmm…seems GW has a favorite side dish.
Condoleeza Rice.

The end of the “traditional” TV season brought forth some pleasures great and small, but I can’t think of a better image than the EVERYBODY LOVES CHRIS finale. That included the image of Terry Crewes, playing Chris’ father Julius, singing his own rendition of I WILL SURVIVE. Sure, this is an over-used gag, going back even further than Lil’ Tommy Cruise’s underpants dance in RISKY BUSINESS. Somehow, the twist that it was that big lug Julius, home alone on Father’s Day, dueting with Gloria Gaynor with a hairbrush microphone while standing on his dining room table stage, hit all the right notes and made it unforgettable. You go, Jules!

My beloved SOPRANOS kind of petered out at the end of this season, though I heard a great analogy from cast member Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo). “THE SOPRANOS is so good, it’s in competition with itself.” If some say this season wasn’t as good as others, it’s still better than anything out there. Oh so true. And R.I.P. Vito. We have hardly knew ye. Oh wait a minute. Yeah we did. Ew.

BIG LOVE’s season ender was much more satisfying, though it had to try harder in the position it was in. Any show that can get an audience to care about the creepy lifestyle known as polygamy is aces in my book. I can’t wait for next season. If you can find it, there is a fantastic article about Harry Dean Stanton in the June 2 issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. He truly is Da Man.

HOUSE ended on another high note with another season finale that is better than any episode it has aired the entire year, just as it has before. It seems that the producers prefer the non-traditional (read: "edgy") storylines to finish out the year while trotting out the medical MATLOCKs the rest of the time to appease the AMERICAN IDOL worshippers. Still in all, excellent episode.

As for the summer, RESCUE ME on FX has returned with a vengeance and HBO’s DEADWOOD, in its possible last season. I also look forward to LUCKY LOUIE, possibly a very funny show, and to a much lesser extent, ENTOURAGE. I find those little bastards annoying.

Oh, and on network TV there’s….uh….well, nothing. What else is new?
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