Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog Jam

With oil prices spiraling out of control, the search for alternative energy sources

Gee, looks like it's a lock for President Bush (aka GW Bungle) to go down in history as
WORST PRESIDENT EVER. Congrats and kudos, Mr. Pressydent. This guy's so bad, Nixon just popped his head out of his grave and said, "Jesus...and they called me Dick..."

Well, let's go onto the world o' show biz, shall we?

The more I see of Brandon Routh, the new Superman, the more skeptical I’m getting about the whole shebang. Not only does he resemble the love child of Tom Cruise and Jason Schwartzman, but what is the deal with the damn curly-Q? If this movie is costing almost 300 mil, can’t they spend a few bucks to make this nimrod’s hair look a little less like an inverted Alfalfa from OUR GANG? As for Kevin Spacey as Luthor, I feel like I’ve been there, done that. Well, shucks, wasn’t he Dr. Evil in the pre-title sequence of AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER? Maybe Kev needs the bucks after the Bobby Darin fiasco. I ain’t no Spacey hater by any means, but the return of Superman to the screen needed a different villain than Lex-baby. Brainiac, perhaps-even a lesser known opponent would have been acceptable. It worked pretty decently for Batman last year. Ah, me. What’s an aging geek to do?

TV has perked up once again with the return of THE SOPRANOS and HBO’s latest triumph, BIG LOVE. Who knew one could be so enthusiastic about a Bill Paxton show? This is a gem in the making, the story of polygamists walking the earth among us-or another version of I LED THREE LIVES retitled I WED THREE BRIDES. Paxton is married to Jeanne Trippelhorn, Chloe Sevigny and Gennifer Godwin and, well, let’s just say wackiness ensues! This is one fine damn cast. Along with the leads, you get Harry Dean Stanton, who I thought dropped off the edge of the earth, as the smarmy cult leader, the great Mary Kay Place, and the dynamic duo of Bruce Dern and Grace Zabriskie as Paxton’s parents. The best HBO shows involve sort of variation on the family, whether it’s THE SOPRANOS, SIX FEET UNDER, ROME, even, to some extent to THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW. BIG LOVE is no exception, taking what could have been a one-note sitcom premise and instead taking a willing audience for a nice bumpy ride in the country. What fun.

Other shows worth my interest:
Round the world hi jinks with everybody’s favorite new alcoholic ex-junkie. Yippee!

A reworking of the old TALK SOUP show with Joel McHale. Much better than VH-1’s BEST WEEK EVER. Snide, snarky, snotty…and other adjectives that begin with sn…also balls out funny.

My friend, Grant-Lee Phillips (see SPECIAL GUEST STAR: LARAINE NEWMAN) who has been playing the troubadour character on THE GILMORE GIRLS since its first
season, will be featured in this May 9 finale. According to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Grant will open the Stars Hollow Troubalooza, a town concert that will be a prominent part of the episode that will also include Neil Young and Sonic Youth. That’s my boy!

Well, that's all for now. After all, this is a blog, not a goddamn manifesto.
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