Wednesday, November 16, 2005

At Long Last Blog

It's been awhile between postings. What's going on in the world since last month? France went up in smoke,
the threat of Bird Flu and the hubbub about a guy named Scooter, a name nobody above the age of ten should have. What a world. Then there's actually a debate and vote over the merits of torture. Huh? Such compassion. Those in the "yea" category are the same ones who cheered as Paris burned last week. They were so happy, they started Freedom kissing each other in the Senate chambers. As for the possible Avian flu outbreak, wouldn't it be a kick in the ass if President Bungle brought it into this country after his trip to Asia? "I'm George W. Bush...and I approve this pandemic." This dumbass probably ate some bad McNuggets while he was in Beijing cuz he don't like no Chinky food. Gives him the trots.

Let's lighten up a bit with some...
(guaranteed authentic!)
1. Bile
2.Hillbilly Devilspeak
3.Torture Cookies
4.Stink and Linger
5. The Buttless Chaps

On the TV front, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT bit the dust, but at least FOX gave it three tries which were, unfortunately, not a charm. I do admit that I am going miss Bob Loblaw. The only show out of this year's crop that I think is worthy of all the attention is EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS and particularly its star, Tyler James Williams as the young Chris Rock. NIP/TUCK, my favorite series of the last couple of years and the show I used to say "never fails to disappoint", is falling into a crappy pit of mediocrity. Could be a little too self-congratulations on the parts of the producers have caused this season to slip creatively. It's happened to many a show before, but hopefully it will dig itself out. ROME, on the other hand, ending next week, has moved into my top spot. Fun fun fun. Kind of like GLADIATOR crossed with THE WEST WING and DYNASTY, all mixed together in a ....Caesar salad. Ba-dump-bump!

May I now sing the praises of ON DEMAND cable, something that is changing the way we watch the tube. Thanks to this service from heaven, I have been able to catch up on a lot of shows that I've missed during this recent hiatus. The aforementioned ROME, Ricky Gervais' EXTRAS and many a movie including Johny To's FULLTIME KILLER starring Andy Lau (HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS), a sensational Hong Kong actioner (as they say in Variety) that is almost as good as early John Woo. Also noteworthy is Noel Black's PRETTY POISON from 1968, a little thriller with Tony Perkins, who could be a distant cousin to Christopher Walken, and a smoking hot Tuesday Weld. The fact that I could watch these and so much more programming whenever the hell I felt like is so liberating. It's nice to have something to live for...before I keel over dead from a lethal duck virus.

Speaking of which...

A girl walks down the street carrying a duck.
A drunk stumbles over to her and says,
"Hey! Where'd you get that pig!"
"That's not a pig," the girl tells him. " It's a duck."
The drunk replies, "I was talking to the duck!"

You Miami audiences are the greatest!
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