Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blog Spelled Backwards is Golb

Bottles of wine bearing the image of Greta Garbo are set to go on sale Oct. 1 to commemorate the 100th birthday of the Swedish actress. It will be a limited edition sparkling wine called the 2001 Greta Garbo Brut Rose. If she were alive today, I'm sure Greta would have said, "I want to be Merlot."
The Emmys were certainly a train wreck of massive proportions, weren't they? This was possibly even worse than the Tribute to Comedy a couple of years back. Anybody remember Wanda Sykes trying to get the audience to dance and Peter Krause from SIX FEET UNDER was the only taker. Funny...he wasn't nominated again after that incident and nobody saw Wanda Sykes again for a looonnngg time. This year, they made Doris Roberts dance with Earth, Wind and Fire or The Black-Eyed Peas, which ever it was, it was definitely an embarrassment. Poor Ellen DeGeneres. After 9/11, she brought the house down with the postponed Emmy show and gave her career a second life. She should be thankful she has her talk show to fall back on after Sunday night. It was as if her angel fish character from FINDING NEMO fell out of the aquarium and flopped on the floor, gasping for air...or Bruce Vilanch. The show suffered from that insipid Emmy Idol crap that was saved by the "great" Shatner with the STAR TREK theme. However, the show forward promoted it so much that by the time they performed the bit, the surprise was zilch, therefore it scored only a double, not a home run like it could have. The GREEN ACRES piece with Trump, having the luxury of being first, beat it hands down as the highlight of the night, which is saying absolutely nada. As for the awards themselves, as I said, who cares? If any of the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES had to win, I'm glad it was the one real actress-Felicity Huffman.
By the way, what's the deal with James Spader? Has he been hanging around Shatner too much? Damn he's a weird duck.

In other TV related nonsense...
NIP/TUCK is back and all is well. Any show that features an obese woman whose skin has been grafted to a sofa she's been sitting in for three years is okay with me.
RESCUE ME went out as it came...beautifully. I can't wait until next season. However, I have to agree with Entertainment Weekly's critic Dalton Ross who said that the musical montage that closed every episode, as it does with several other series, is a technique that has been done to death and has become the most commonly used cliche of modern TV. I hope its days are numbered.

I hope my aren't.
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