Friday, September 16, 2005

And Another Thing...

"America lifted its skirts and its panties are dirty."-Rev. Wally Walker of the Noah's Ark Ministry in New
Orleans', describing the government's mishandling of Hurricaine Katrina.
As the world moves on, the pieces have just begun to picked up, one twig at a time in the weeks that have followed the Gulf Coast Massacre of '05.
President Bungle has accepted responsibility in the federal handling of the crisis, ala Harry Truman's "The Buck Stops Here". Maybe he's finally beginning to grow up. Maybe I just want to believe just a smidgen because it's too painful to think he really doesn't care at all. By the by, do ya think he knows who Kanye West even is?
"Kanye West? Never heard of her. Kanye Francis. I heard'a her. Kanye Stevens. She was Pepper on 77 SUNSET STRIP."
Hey, George. I don't really know who he is either. Didn't he used to be 50 Cent? That's marked down from what?
Whenever I hear Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security chief, I have an urge to name a star after somebody. Come on. He sounds like Rocky Mozell of the International Star Registry. Fine. I'm the only chump who still listens to the radio.
Ah-nuld wants to run for re-election as Governor of Cally-fornia. Apparently, two other names have popped up who might oppose him-Rob Reiner and Warren Beatty. Aren't there anymore real politicians left in California? What happened to that little Mr. Spacely guy who ran as a Democrat last time? Did he just slink away into obscurity when he actually lost to Schwarzenegger? Maybe he went back to making quality sprockets at affordable prices.
Russell Crowe said not only may not be able to come back to America, he might not want to. Too bad. He could be the new Verizon guy. "Can you hear me now, mate? Goddamn it, I said can you hear now? What are, fucking DEAF????" Then he'll throw his phone at the four eyed dork and KA-CHING! He's back in business!
As far as the Emmys go, who really cares? DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will get too may awards for being a mediocre show and not a comedy to begin with. It's just not funny enough to qualify in that category. Both RESCUE ME and NIP/TUCK got skunked so my interest level has flat-lined. If WILL & GRACE wins anything, I'll heave. I would like to see Hugh Laurie win for HOUSE, a good show with a great lead, not unlike MONK in that sense. Peter Boyle should get at least one for the road.
Two shows to recommend:
HBO's ROME, which should be advertised as The Original SOPRANOS, is a helluva big pleasant surprise. Very involving and easier to follow than DEADWOOD, this also boasts a fine cast with standouts by Ray Anthony as Titus, kind of a Russell Crowe without the douche attitude, and the incredibly HOT and devious Polly Walker.
The Sundance Channel has been running a Canadian series called SLINGS AND ARROWS, behind the scenes at a Shakespearean theatre company, which is very funny and fairly accurate, speaking as one who has has some time on and off stage in my time. Mark McKinney from KIDS IN THE HALL co-stars and co-created it.
All for now but some for later.
Oh, and one time, with feeling:
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