Saturday, March 12, 2005

Half Dozen of the Other

As times passes at the accelerated rate it seems to be (and I begin to slow down in the process), I find myself increasingly cynical with every breath I take. If this keeps up, I am probably headed for curmudgeon-hood way before I hit retirement age. Maybe I should just sit here in my underwear and wait for the next skateboarder to cruise by so I can take potshots at him with my pellet gun. To paraphrase Fred Nietzche "What doesn't piss me off only makes me stronger..."

That said, I am so glad the ongoing Michael Jackson freak show is not being televised. I really don't care how curious anyone is about the whole goon parade. It's not necessary. Broadcasting the O.J. trial was a travesty, certainly a turning point to the deterioration of society.We didn't "lose our innocence" back then. We gave it up as freely as a sloppy blow job from a snaggle-toothed crack whore. Once that collection of nabobs, miscreants and bottom feeders got their evil mugs on camera for all the world to see, a criminal trial for murder instantly became Big Time Show Biz. There was no way for justice to prevail in any way, shape or form. Who needs that when It's Showtime, Folks! Everything was played to that camera. How else could Christopher Darden's Perry Mason like glove trick or the real break-out star known as Johnny Cochran who really could have been played in the mini-series by the late Sammy Davis Jr. ? And outside the soundstage...uh, courtroom, we got to hold our sides in laughter at the sight of the Dancing Itos. Yeah, tragedies like this became fodder for people like Jay Leno and every radio talk show host in the free world. Leave us not forget that it was this particular Trial of the Century that legitimized that used piece of toilet tissue known as The National Enquirer and tabloid journalism has ruled the day since that time. Who cares what's really going on in the world when there's something more sensational and salacious we can focus our sights upon? And can we now finally admit that the O.J. trial set race relations back at least ten years? Maybe that was the point all along. If the Rodney King debacle wasn't enough of a sucker punch to the Black community, how about if we present a handsome but troubled football hero/"actor" as an anti-hero, kind of a a peace offering, don't you know? Perhaps if O.J. is set free, then then this will cancel out the spectacle of the most recent of L.A. riots and the racism inherent in the L.A. police force. Even stevens. Any attempt to restore balance in the world is like trying to fix a bad haircut yourself. Here we are, ten years later and now we really have a courtroom saga we can honestly call the Trial of the Century. (Take THAT, Robert Blake!) The Media have flocked to the proceedings like flies on a fresh turd and are attempting to give us blow by blow reports of every blow by blow, grope by grope detail no matter how sordid and disgusting it all is. The world is holding its breath and salivating at each sickening morsel is rationed out. However, cameras are mercifully not allowed in the courtroom and I for one am grateful. We're better off, especially after this last election year. Isn't it finally time to admit that enough really is enough?

Speaking of things that need to go away and stay away, how about this obsession the media has for all these little girls? I'm talking about the Lindsay Lohans, Hilary Duffs,etc. that are so prominent right now. I find all the coverage of Ms. Lohan to be extremely creepy. Think of all the Humbert Humberts this is creating for the world. For Christ's sake...she's eighteen years old! Hey Lindsay, let me introduce you to Traci Lords. Maybe you could star in her bio-pic. It could be your Ray.

And that's that's all I have to say about that.
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